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 Human Template

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PostSubject: Human Template   Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:48 pm

Copy and Paste the template below to use as your application.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: (Your characters name)

Alias: (Any nicknames or titles they have)

Gender: (Male or female)

Age: (How old you are)

Current Class: Apprentice (donators/DA members may be Tier 4 and lower)

Previous Classes: (donators/DA members only. Put all the classes you were prior to your current tier class)

Sexual Orientation: (Gay, bi, straight? This is completely optional)

Family Members: (Optional.Any family members your character might have)

Birth Date: (What day they were born)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: (What your character looks like. A picture, or a paragraph works well)

Height: (Your characters height.)

Weight: (Your characters weight.)

Body Structure:

Extra Features: (Any extra information about your appearance you would like to add, tattoo's or piercings)

Voice: (If your character talks, describe the sound of their voice. Ex. Soft, smooth, ragged, loud ETC)

Extra gear/clothing: (Any extra clothing or gear your character may have that is notable. Armor does not count here)


Personality: (the core of your application. This should be atleast a paragragh long as it is to explain how your character acts, what they like, what they loath, etc.)

Goals: (what does your character wish to accomplish in this life)

Fears:  (what does your character fear most)

Extra Information: (anything extra you might want to add about your characters persona that does not fit in the above catagories.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fighting Style~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Weapon style: (one handed, two handed, dual, weapon and sheild)

Weapon class: (Longblade, Short Blade, Blunt, Throwing Weapons, or Marksmen. Nothing else. if you can't decide on what it goes in, then ask.)

Weapon Starting Type: (steel, iron, obsidian, etc. See the list of armor types HERE. Price will be decreased from your starting gold.)

Weapon image:(show what your weapon looks like.)

Disciple: (explain how you fight, agressive, defensive,balanced, etc.)

Armor Weight: (light, medium, or heavy)

Armor Starting Type: (steel, iron, leather, etc. See the list of armor types HERE. Price will be decreased from your starting gold.)

Armor: (Describle the armor you wear. full set, helms, etc)


History: (A brief history of your life so far. Donators/DA members who are of higher tier should write more for each tier they have advanced through.)
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Human Template

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