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 Lore and Background

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PostSubject: Lore and Background   Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:34 pm

The world is new. The old ways of tribes fighting for one another is at an end. Men have finally set aside their differences and peace is now stricken across the lands. Cities have finally been constructed and times have never been better. A new golden age is among us. The church does not think so however, many chapels insist that humans do not let down their guard for god tests those in times such as these. The land of Espia continues to head the warnings of the church, preparing their armies for anything that may want to stay this land of peace.

The demons have returned. Monsters of all kinds have slowly started to come from the shadows to invade the lands. No one knows why they have come or what is calling them but some have suspected that the gates of hell have been opened. How this was done is not know yet. The monsters have taken hold of the lands outside of the cities, not making any advances as if waiting for something. With these demons though, The lands have called to arms once again. People from every city have taken up the sword yet again, not against each other, but against this new threat.

As with the return of the demons, magic has started to show itself in people once more. This magic seems to appear in anyone, from young men to the elderly, but no one knows who may have acquired this rare power and how they did so. Unlike the early age where magic was hardly understood, magic has advanced rather quickly. mages have already mastered much of the art and have even developed their own unique signature spells.

Some Cities have started to take advances against the monsters while some ignore them as a natural force not to be messed with. The Haven Empire, with its heavy church influences, has taken the strongest stand against the monsters. They have revived the Order of Paladins, an ancient order that was used to unite the lands in the past. This time they are driven to the extermination of the monsters, hiring experienced soldiers to join them in their campaign. Devils Peak on the other hand, has chosen to ignore the monsters, like they do with anything concerning things other than themselves. The old castle of valliere and the new city of Helios have had little trouble with monsters due to their relatively isolated locations. However, like Haven, they are putting all their resources into stopping the monster threat.

Now 50 years after the monsters appearance once again, The rumors of a Grand Demon have begun to spread. At the beginning of time, 5 Grand Demons roamed the land and ruled it. God defeated them and sent them to hell where they were to dwell of all eternity. The Grand demons were said to be so powerful, they could destroy the world in only a matter of days. However, such powerful forces takes time to recover its lost power. This has forced many people to search for the demon, in hopes of slaying it once and for all before its power reaches that of legend.
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Lore and Background

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