A remake of Divided Arms. The Lost Chapters is a fantasy forum set in the middle ages where humans face off against the creatures of darkness. You decide who you fight for.
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:32 pm

These rules are subject to change by the Admin's only. Rules without punishments attached to them will be dealt with as a warning. If you break the SAME rule twice you will be banned for 48 hours. If you break the same rule 3 times you will permanently banned.

1. Disrespect towards admins and moderators will not be tolerated. Doing so will result in being banned depending on the intensity of the situation.Don't confuse disrespect with defending yourself however. If a staff member is wrong and you try to defend yourself, it is not see na disrespect.

2. The Webmaster's word is always final in any matter. A moderator must have their decisions confirmed by an Admin (ie.excluding character center issues, their decision is then acceptable unless challenged by an admin).Any issue can be challenged only by a person of equal or higher authority.

3. Member deaths will be looked over by a staff member before confirmed. Members should notify an admin when they kill anoyher member, NPC kills do not need to be confirmed.

4. No Auto-hits. An auto hit is defined as a hit made inside the same post as the act of striking.

5. Posting Order only pertains to fights. If no post is made within 48 hours, anyone may post (this includes double posting).

6. Do not "bump" a topic more than twice. If an admin/moderator has failed to post in the bumped topic, pm them directly.

7.You must reply to (or acknowledge) a person's appearance in a topic within two or your own posts.

8. You MUST post in Third person in the RP sections.

9.Your Username MUST be the name of your character, either first, middle,last, alias, or any combination of the four.

10. Keep to your character's personality at all times.

11. The site character max is 2 characters a person.This means you can have two site members and be the person. You can only have 1 chatacter per membership. This is because of how the site is set up mechanicly, not my own preferance.

12. ABSOLUTELY no fighting in the Chatbox. If caught doing so will result in one warning, after that you will be banned for 48 hours from the Chatbox.

13. No porn pictures. Break this rule and you will be IP banned. The punishment is not ours but forummotion.com's, the site provider.

14. No posting pictures in the Chatbox. If you must post pics, post the link to the image not the image itself. If caught doing so will result in one warning, after that you will be banned for 48 hours from the Chatbox only.

15. Members are not allowed to post within someone else's applications, regardless of your reasoning. Doing so will result in a 48 hour ban.

16. Anyone ranked below a moderator is not to use to color "red" in a topic title. "red" topics are topics of great importance and is our way of distinguishing them.

17. Do not create topics you have no intention of replying to.

18. Create topics in their appropriate area.

19. In RP topics, you must show respect to members of higher authority or nobility when approached. Although this holds no site punishment, one should be aware that any punishment for not following this rule will be carried out without question.

20. The minimal posting length is one paragraph.
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General Rules

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